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Loslakia: The Revolutionary

Loslakia is a towering figure of Liberalian history, one of the most important characters int he development of the region, and yet also one of the most controversial. Loslakia was one of Liberalia's three founding Christmas Revolutionaries, along with Ardalia and Carops. He served the region in many positions, and was widely revered as the most active member of the Liberalian community, standing together with the other members of the old WWSETI government to oppose the dictatorial nature of Hagge's rule. In the end, Loslakia became Liberalia's first Deputy Prime Minister and went on to hold various positions, as Minister of War and Minister of Recruitment.

Loslakia: The Fall

On February 28th 2006, it became apparent that something had gone horribly wrong in the collection and counting process of the Prime Ministerial Elections, in which Loslakia had chosen to challenge Farlane. The Guardian Council's Electoral Officials looked over the results carefully and concluded that several dozen non-regional members had voted in favour of Loslakia. When Loslakia was asked about this, he bizarrely deleted his own account and vandalised the Liberalia forum, moving and deleting forums and threads, and tampering with the mask system. This caused chaos for several days, during which Loslakia disappeared.

Liberalia was taken by surprise at this, and after the announcement that the elections had been voided by fraud, it struggled for several days to recover. Loslakia's actions had shocked much of the region, when it later emerged that he has used admin powers to hack into some 40 different accounts belonging to other people, in order to get them to vote for him. It is thought that this probably had a very serious affect upon the active membership of Liberalia at this time, as the true owners of these accounts were later unable to access them and mostly fell into activity. The full scale of this only became apparent several months later when accounts that had been long dormant and belonged to personal friends of various high-ranking Liberalians were caught performing various tasks. All of the accounts which Loslakia hacked were caught and later suspended indefinitely, although he is known to visit Liberalia's forums regularly to this day.

Loslakia in FAN

After a several-month absence from NationStates, Loslakia attempted to return to Liberalia again and very nearly succeeded. Most Liberalians, including the admin staff, were willing to welcome Loslakia back, but unfortunately he was quickly caught filling the region with puppets and threatening various members. Because of this, he was refused re-entry, although polls conducted at the time revealed that some 70% of the region wished for him to return.

Following this, Loslakia went to reside in the Federation of Allied Nations, at the invitation of New Caldari. He was controversially appointed as FAN's ambassdor to Liberalia. This ended when then Prime Minister Carops refused to allow him access to the forums. Loslakia continued to launch attacks on Liberalia during his time in FAN, and spammed the RMB on the Liberalian homepage regularly, while also flooding the region with puppets, and creating the nation "Carop" to impersonate the Founder Carops. Liberalia petitioned the government of FAN to stop this, and this was not received very well within the region of FAN itself. Many FAN citizens took this as an attempt by Liberalia to meddle in FAN's affairs and to dominate the region. This situation led directly to what is known as the "FAN Crisis", for which many consider Loslakia responsible, and which evolved into the crises regarding The Serenade and MOIS Norad. Loslakia is currently permanently banned from Liberalia and the Liberalia Forum.

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